The Person of Your Dreams


We wait for that magical day when someone makes the connection & recognizes us for who we really are. When someone validates & approves of us. When someone rescues us.


We scan the planet for Mr. or Mrs. Right. We place unrealistic expectations on our children, employers, friends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, or parents.



Live Life Well


Hello  & Welcome!

But why burden them with something we can ultimately only give to ourselves?

I'm Cindy & so very delighted

to make your online acquaintance.

Your search is over. That someone is you!

You’ve arrived. You are the person of your dreams. You are the one you've always wanted.

Imperfectly perfect. Right here. Right now. Glorious, awesome YOU.


The end of longing is being.

Neville Goddard


Simple Pleasures Everyday Love (SPEL) is a unique community of smart, funny, deep-thinking people proactive about increasing the depth & fulfillment we get from life.


It's a renewable source of things we all just seem to love: life's little joys, charmed moments, and everyday epiphanies that strike a chord.


SPEL's also a happiness-enhancing strategy, a continual reminder to notice & relish ordinary, everyday experiences. (And luscious details matter.)


Join over 6,000 SPELers for highly-classified happiness secrets here.  Because you deserve to love your life, truly, madly, deeply.



Go on & click it.

Guaranteed to

trip your joy circuits.


You weren’t mass produced.

Max Lucado


Might I give my compliments to your Maker?

Ann Voskamp

The Dalai Palma

Incredible, amazing YOU, fearfully & wonderfully made.

(Personally, I’m dazzled by you.)


What bold statements! How could they possibly be true? What about this________? And this__________?  And that________?


No exceptions. We make exceptions. But God doesn’t. EVER. Don’t believe it? Take it up with the Universe. But know this: It’s a fight you cannot win.


You are somebody because you were created in God’s image. Grab hold of it & run. The only real problem we’ll ever have stems from when we’ve forgotten who we really are.

Making Uncertainty an Ally

Lovin' the Town You're With


There are no “ordinary” people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.


C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory



Being Part of Someone's First


There is nothing you need to try to be other than exactly who you are. There's never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again.


You are of immense value. You are significant. You are loved. You belong.


The chief aim of a man is to be what he is.



My Book



To know that you matter & are loved & lovable is not arrogant. To think you are anything less just might be though. Because it implies you’re something other than a creation of God.


When you love precious YOU you’ll do much less proving & way more living. And knowing your intrinsic worth frees you to create more value in the world.


Funny thing though, if we argue for our limitations, we also end up creating them. As a man thinks, so is he. That’s how amazing we are!


If you are currently more attuned to the ways you aren’t qualified than to the ways that you are, no worries, just turn the tables. Begin to change up your self-talk, your self-sermons.


If you need a place to start, take any of the statements in this post or from past posts that resonate with you & turn them into positive affirmations.


Keep adding to your running list from any inspirational source with words that speak directly to your soul. Read them over during your morning musings until they become yours. Until they become you. You will emerge transformed. I promise.


Sure it’s great to have supportive people in your life, but in the end, the onus of connecting to & nurturing your inner value falls on you & you alone. Demanding of others what they can’t or won’t give is a recipe for suffering.


 Sometimes life calls us to give to & of ourselves what we were never given.


So, be there for yourself. If need be, give yourself the approval & sage advice of a father. The “atta boy” of a boss. Be the mother to you you’ve always longed for. Nurture yourself. Support & console yourself the way you expect a wife would. “Husband” yourself.  Appreciate yourself in the way you wish your children would. Mentor yourself. Make a pact to be your own supportive friend every step of the way.


Some people will throw tomatoes, others will give you a standing ovation, but you always have you. And God, well, He's watching you adoringly out of the corner of His eye.

Rocky Mountain National Park

You are a human being of intrinsic worth. See life through those eyes & accept your divine magnificence without apology.


I am royalty. I have destiny.

Jake Hamilton, The Anthem


Wear your temple confidently. You do YOU really well.


It's Happy in Here (TM) (Series) |  How to Be Happy:  22 Tips to Everyday Bliss by Cindy O'Krepki

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