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BigLove for Simple Pleasures Everyday Love

SPEL shines at creating the connections that start with your empathetic heart. You craft phrases & make it art. SO MANY WONDERFUL nuggets. Your blog posts are like a tasty meal for my mind!



Brenda Viola, Public Relations Executive

Sarasota, FL





You're pretty SPELtacular & I love the way you write so much fun reading your posts! Kinda like  Anthony Bourdain meets Martha Stewart meets Deepak Chopra. Serious, but sexy. Yeah, that’s it SEXY INSPIRATION. Which is why I’m sharing your page.



Kimberlee Laughlin

Executive Assistant

Moorestown, NJ





Your unique brand of optimism, insight & truth-telling has coached me through many personal & professional challenges. Your ability to speak & write (& sometimes laugh) to the heart of an issue is uncanny & effective. SPEL is purely the flow of your very deep waters.



Anna L. Coker, LPC, LCAS

Therapist, Life Coach & Educator

Elizabeth City, NC






Every time I read a SPEL post, I say "this is my favorite.” And I really do think it’s true. That is, until the next one comes along.



Barbara Wilkins, Proud Mama of 3

Mechanicsville, VA





I LOVE the way you think. No matter how busy I am, I look forward to the arrival of SPEL posts. With beautiful images & ideas they nudge me back toward what really matters, reminding me to slow down, open up, & receive the rich life such beauty delivers.



Michael Snapp, Entrepreneur

Snapptraffic Consulting, Albuquerque, NM




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