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Wendy Moody


One of my favorite things about blogging is the interesting people I get to meet, both online & in real life.


Wendy Moody is one such person. She hails from a small town near Raleigh, NC, earning her the right to speak with the most charming of southern accents.


She's inspired by nature as evidenced in her stunning photography, which has been published in magazines & travel books, & a collection of her blue bird babies landed in a DVD for children.

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When I peruse her photos, I can’t help but feel a stirring of wonder and of God.

Yet Wendy struggles with severe anxiety & depression.

She zooms around town in a chili-red mini cooper. Here it is wrapped & featured in a Mini Cooper magazine.

Wendy's a violinist & has taught violin at the college level.


And she’s done what I consider high-holy work by teaching math & English to K-12 students with special needs.


She writes poetry.


  "Our uniqueness threads the needle of life

   The fabric that makes the world

    We each bring a different color

    A vision to behold

   The tapestry that is created is like no other

    A woven story of our souls"

Yet Wendy struggles with severe anxiety & depression.

As someone who's experienced my own peri-menopausal doom & gloom at certain times of the month, here’s what inspires me most about Wendy: In spite of her challenges she still stirs people with her art. She makes things a little more beautiful wherever her camera goes.



Art you can feel.  Love you can frame.



I'm as fascinated by images as I am words. Because they both tell stories.



The story behind Wendy’s photographs reveal:

     That no matter what we face in this life, even when our reach feels beyond

      our grasp, on good days & bad, to never stop offering our gifts to the world.


      That we are often stronger than we think & have more to offer than we

      give ourselves  credit for.


      That only we can add our unique value to the world through our own

       particular soul craft our passions, our expertise.


      That small wins matter. Celebrate small.


      To keep offering something matterful, something useful or beautiful,

      despite – or perhaps because of – our challenges.


      To nourish ourselves & others in both the making & the giving.


      To be vulnerable & take risks in order to make the world a better place.


      To give up trying to draw tidy, ultimate conclusions (judgments) about each

      other & life.  {Paradoxes & contradictions are deeply human.}


       That our dreams don’t have to end with our obstacles – no matter how

       insurmountable they seem.  {Throw your hat back into the ring, my friend.}


       That we can write a different story for our lives than our circumstances






 We are human.

 We are imperfect.

 We still show up.

 We keep trying.

 We dare greatly.

Every day is an act of courage & faith.




Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”




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