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Sure, Simple Pleasures, Everyday Love gives me a place to say what I want to say, but more importantly, to connect with & hear from all of you. Not only does it serve to confirm that I’m not talking to myself out there, but y’all always have the best ideas. Here's how:

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Double the pleasure, double the love. Do you know someone else who could use a reminder of life’s little joys? Share Simple Pleasures, Everyday Love, why don’t you? No ads, no spam, no selling names, no nothin’ but love. And since I satisfy my wanderlust vicariously through connecting with people from other countries, do share the love with your international friends too. Thankyouverymuch.

Go on, take my stuff & spread the love with credit to yours truly & a link to my site. A sincere thank you to all of you who share or write about Simple Pleasures, Everyday Love, whether it’s in formal publications, sites Online or comments right here.

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