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Lifelong Looper: The Story of a Caddie Legend  is now being offered in electronic format. The hardback edition is  available for old-school bibliophiles who prefer the feel of the page, but now there’s an alternative for readers glued to their tablets.

"An Amazing Life Story..." Arnold Palmer

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The Story of a Caddie Legend Lifelong Looper

Praise for Lifelong Looper

“The story of Cotton Young is an intriguing tale of a man who spent more hours on a golf course in his lifetime than anyone else I know. His anecdotes from 77 years as a caddie are sure to entertain golfers and non-golfers alike. Without question, he has an amazing life story to tell!"                      Arnold Palmer

“There is really something in the soul of the man, Ross "Cotton" Young, that is both inspiring and intriguing. We could hardly put the book down & loved every touching, hilarious & uncommon moment that the author so skillfully lays at the readers feet. If you enjoy stories of bygone eras, & people from a time of ethics, values & true American spirit, you will find it all in Lifelong Looper.”


Carol White, Author of “Live Your Road Trip Dream”

“Lifelong Looper left me feeling warm & wanting to be a better husband, father & human being. I started reading Lifelong Looper because it was about golf. I finished reading it because of the fantastic picture it paints of a life well lived. I hope Cindy has other relatives she can write about.”


Phil Main, CKNX AM920

(Ontario, Canada)

"A must read!”

Jack Evans, The Jack Evans Show, 590 WMBS-CBS Radio

"Every golf lover would consider themselves lucky for the opportunity to follow in caddie legend Ross 'Cotton' Young’s amazing footsteps. But be warned: Following in Cotton's footsteps means you'd better pack some quality shoes. The man’s rolled over more miles about 60,000 than an old set of Firestone radials. His insights enrich the lives and rounds of countless golfers the way Lifelong Looper does for lovers of golf & the great characters it produces."


Chris Rodell, Author of "Hole-in-One! The Complete Book of Fact,

Legend and Lore on Golf's Luckiest Shot."

Intriguing…readers will be enthralled…very highly recommended…

Midwest Book Review

"A delightful, charming story…”

Dr. Mildred L. Culp, The Modesto Bee

“Loved it from start to finish!"

Eric C. Shillinger, Head Golf Professional, Moselem Springs GC"

The Glorious & the Inglorious

Sure, writing a book had its glorious moments like:

When Arnold Palmer agreed to write a cover endorsement

The first time I saw Lifelong Looper in print

Hair & make-up in the chair before a TV interview on Comcast SportsNet

Copyright Peter O'Krepki

 The first time I saw Lifelong Looper on the shelves at Borders


Copyright Peter O'Krepki
Copyright Peter O'Krepki
Copyright Peter O'Krepki

 Traveling through the south for a year on book tour

Copyright Peter O'Krepki

 Book-signing together with my grandfather at his 90th birthday gala

But then there were also those inglorious moments like:

When I unwittingly offended those who felt they should have been included on the acknowledgment page of my book, but weren’t.


The night I drove an hour & a half through a torrential downpour to speak & sign books at a library to an audience of one. Yes, one! Picture this: me talking to the head librarian (who was, of course, honor bound to be there, tornado & flood warnings, be damned!) sitting alone amidst 50 empty chairs. Lively crowd.


The time I was forced to use my cellphone (no landline available) for a radio interview (a big no-no!). Although I took precautions & informed everyone I knew not to call me during a certain window of time, my mother forgot & beeped (& beeped) in anyway. Mom eventually got her recipe, and I got an earful from the interviewer.


When I sat in a swiveling chair during an interview twisting & twirling unconsciously on live TV while fielding questions from a 4-man panel, one of whom asked about my writing credentials, of which I had none.


The time I was at a Borders book-signing finishing up my John Hancock on the last book of five when the toddler of the happy woman (who was congratulating herself for polishing off her Christmas list in one-fell-swoop), threw-up all over me. The harried mom ran from the store, sick child in tow, leaving me in a pool of Pepperidge-Farm-fishy-puke & five books that were now unsalable because they read things like “To Brandon, wishing you fast greens & endless fairways."


Oh, the memories. The thrill of victory & the hilarity of defeat.

Cindy O'Krepki

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