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One Year Later – Happy Anniversary to us!


One whole year of elevating the ordinary

savoring simple pleasures & soaking up everyday love.


To mark the occasion, I’m dusting off  SPEL’s DEBUT POST: Autumn Glory from the archives & reintroducing it below.


It’s nostalgia love for those of us who have been here from the beginning. And catch-up love for more than 900 of us who weren’t around back then.



To everyone who reads here & shares their experiences with me— thank you for being part of something that makes me smile every day.


Before I sit down to write a post, I visit the "subscribers" section of my email system & read the names of people who recently joined our community.


I like to try to figure out who I’m spending time with. Sometimes I have a name with a face, but most times you are a complete mystery to me.


Then I check out my web traffic with wonder, looking at the world map &  seeing pins in 57 different countries


Lastly, I scroll through the archives of people who have been here since the beginning & the comments they’ve left behind.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I experience a rush of gratitude every single time ONE PERSON ‘likes’ or comments on my blog.


I can’t help but to notice that the everyday love-valanche on our little cubbyhole of the Internet brims with cyber-kindness.


At times when I need encouragement, I go to a file where I keep a collection of your sweet, appreciative emails. Some notes are kind & funny. Others are profoundly moving. All of them make me smile.


Entering our 2nd year together, I thank you for your soulful support & for spreading a little of life’s joy & beauty to people through your word of mouse.


Go, Team (Everyday) Love!



P.S. I’ve missed you these last couple weeks. Which gave rise to my new SPEL theme song: I can’t liiiive if livin’ is without you ;o)

And if any of you are prone to sentimentality (like yours truly), here’s  how it all began, along with true confessions about my connection obsession.   (One might be tempted to assume I was exaggerating when I wrote the latter. I was not.  Apparently, I also was not worried about your first impressions of me. )

Autumn Glory



            o on admit it; you still go out of your way to step on a crunchy-looking leaf when the opportunity presents itself. Who can resist?

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile

William Cullen Bryant


I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables



It happens every year. We go to bed in summer & wake up in fall. While the afternoon sun still warms us with its light, the nighttime air cools to create the ideal sleeping weather. Days get shorter. Clouds change; sunsets look different. We begin to hoard & linger over those increasingly rare days when mild weather beckons.


The air's charged with possibility & renewal as kids head back to school. Life feels promising, like a new beginning.


As if to help us let go of summer, yet divert our thoughts from the imminence of winter, autumn presents itself the most engaging of seasons with all our favorite fall guys:


• Sun so tolerable you can’t get enough of it


• Staring into your first fire of the season mesmerized by its glow

• Cozy sweater & hoodie weather


• Savory soups simmer on the stove & hearty,  slow-cooked, comforting fare in our crock pots


• Mums, pumpkins, hay bales, & scarecrows adorn our yards & porches


• Official kickoff to the holidays (beginning in September right through Valentine’s Day,

    we celebrate at least one holiday per month)


• Unmistakable musty scent of decaying leaves


• Caramel apples & candy corn

• Stolen days of Indian Summer


• Perfect pumpkins for carving plucked straight from the patch

• Local produce stands & pick-your-own apple farms with apple

   cider, apple pies & apple-cider doughnuts.


• Pumpkin spice lattes (and all things pumpkin)

• Opportunity to be someone else for a day on the fantastical holiday of Halloween


• Thanksgiving’s BIG feast featuring festive amounts of gratitude

• Blanket-snuggling with a cup of tea & spiced wafers (aka ginger snaps—the

    quintessential  taste of fall)


• State fairs, harvest festivals & Oktoberfest


• Hayrides, corn mazes & bonfires

    or the pig-skinned crazed, fall & football are synonymous. And leaf peepers hit the road to witness nature's dazzling display where even an ordinary drive to work or school is transformed into something magical when ablaze with color.


In my view the Northeast corners the market on fall foliage, yet my adopted state of Colorado strikes gold when the ubiquitous quaking aspens turn brilliant yellow. No better time for a hike than during peak leaf season when color engulf the trails.



Delicious autumn. Nature’s dream season.

The trees’ grand finale.

When even the leaves fall for you.

This is



Savor it.

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