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Every autumn I go on a love-induced apple bender from October through November. Not ashamed. Come to my house, peek in my fridge & you’ll see apples crammed into every corner just looking for a good time. One might be tempted to assume I am exaggerating. I am not.


The few non-applely foods in there are ready to stage a coup & my friends are conspiring to do some sort of intervention. Wait a minute, this might actually be the perfect place to start an apple support group. Welcome.


I'm Cindy & so very delighted

to make your online acquaintance.

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Just think they all started out like this not that long ago.

As God would have it, when the fruits of late summer wane, crispy tart-sweet apples jump onto the scene. Therefore, I figure it’s our duty — our holy responsibility, really — to direct some of the juiciest apple love we have into the dessertier things in life.


What better way to get all those cozy food smells going in your warm, snuggly house?


Generally, I feel better eating a low-sugar diet, but all bets are off for a few apple indulgences in the fall. If eating an apple cake soaked in Calvados is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

There are certain events in a person’s life that just call for an apple-ly dessert, don’t you think? It’s like a feel-good bear hug at the end of a long day. Food for the heart & soul. Something you’d eat while curling up with a blanket & reading or watching your favorite TV show.

And how ‘bout some happy apple sippin’ while the gooey apple goodness is in the oven? Kitchen appletini parties for the win!

Yet, to me, an apple straight from the tree is at its most sublime. So plump with promise.


Uncork your autumn joy. Eat an apple. Fall, it’s a sacred celebration.



P.S. And you, dear SPELer, are the apple of this blogger’s eye. Thanks for hanging out here with me today.





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