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I'll have a dog someday.  But right now it wouldn't be  fair to a dog to have me for a human, because I live in a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment atop a high tower. (Since living in Denver, I’ve made approximately 10,220 trips up & down the elevator. You get the idea.)  So you see now why I'm pet-living vicariously through all of you.


Photo: Judi Schiffer

(A Never-Ending Source of Straight-up Happiness)

Animal Magnetism

Furry Friends.


True to the bone.


Family members who wag their hellos with an irresistible energy.


The only sentient beings consistently overjoyed to see us with a keen interest in our every move.


Full of hijinks & sunny serenity, they trip our joy circuits & brighten up our lives in continuous small ways.


Just the sight of one improves our day.


Photo: Michele Crow

Road trip! Road trip!

Wait. Is that a rabbit? Wait. Is that a squirrel?

I double-dog-dare you to jump.

What’s Mama doing? Does she have food?

What’s for dinner? Let’s PLAY.

Photo: Joyce Petras

“Mama’s looking at me. I have to pose. I wuv my mama.” (Master of the art of non-verbal power, with ruthless manipulation, my great-nephew Blaze knows the human psyche is powerless to resist his baby blues.)

Photo: Dawn Trites

Big George blanket-snuggling during a long winter’s nap. (I love how freckles decorate his face.)

Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. What would this world be like without dogs?


Mary Oliver

Since joy & unconditional love are both synonymous with the word canine, it matters not that pet parents must frequently lint-roll dog hair off their sweaters & vacuum the couch.


Nor do they care that their dogs are slobbering, sniffing, face-licking poop-eaters. Their big brown eye routines & wagging tails trump it all.


Dogs simply make the world a happier place through their ongoing demonstration of irrepressible optimism.




Live Life Well


Hello  & Welcome!

I'm Cindy & so delighted

to make your online acquaintance.

Simple Pleasures Everyday Love (SPEL) is a unique community of smart, funny, deep-thinking people proactive about increasing the depth & fulfillment we get from life.


It's a renewable source of things we all just seem to love: life's little joys, charmed moments, and everyday epiphanies that strike a chord.


SPEL's also a happiness-enhancing strategy, a continual reminder to notice & relish ordinary, everyday experiences. (And luscious details matter.)


Join over 2,000 Super SPELers on the journey.



 This is your life.

 Savor it.

 If not now, then when?

 If not you,  then who?

Go on & click it.

Guaranteed to

trip your joy circuits.

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Photo: Alisa Lapp

My great-nephew Otis “Slash” Lapp on a howliday.

Free-spirited bravado. Roguish charm. Hooligan swagger.



Photo: Joyce Petras


Photo: Katie Waller

A mama & her pups holds especial mesmerism…I mean, the cuteness!

Photo:  Brenda Viola

Fame. Celebrity. Stardom. This show-stopper of a girl is just like her mama. Upon meeting Shastathe doe-eyed stunner of doggie diva-dombe prepared to be shot through with Cupid’s deadliest arrow. (A coup de coeur with recurring symptoms of acute love-sickness is inevitable.)


Much can be said for the health-promoting benefits of pet canoodling. Most of us know of the studies by now that pets boost our immune system, help us live longer & aid with depression.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets not only ward off feelings of loneliness but also decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels & triglyceride levels.


Photo: Anna Coker

Elly Mae—the wonder pup—a teeny-tiny spirited ball of enthusiasm & mischief.


Photo: Gail Davidson

Right at home on a classic Colorado tableau.

Photo: Joyce Petras

"I’ll take my tea & kibbles in the parlor please."

Photo: Diane Smith

Cherished fur child (Bella)

Photo:  Joyce Petras

Love me? I need love. Pet me? I’m here. Hold me? What big blue eyes I have. Hug me? Pretty please.


    by Mary Oliver



He puts his cheek against mine and makes small, expressive sounds.

And when I’m awake, or awake enough he turns upside down,

his four paws  in the air and his eyes dark and fervent.

“Tell me you love me,” he says.

“Tell me again.”

Could there be a sweeter arrangement?

Over and over he gets to ask.

Over and over I get to tell.





Animals with their happy-for-no-reason approach to life bring so much delight into the world. When in their company, it’s almost impossible to be gloomy.


They smile with unabashed satisfaction after they poop.

Drool strings from their face without a care in the world.


Kind, wise teachers who hold lessons I’ve yet to master.

With endless goodwill, they remind us every day:


To lighten up.

To live in & savor the moment.

That small matters. (Celebrate small.)

That life is short. (Let 's play.)

That there's more good in the world than we've been led to believe.


That forgiveness is liberating. Gleeful, even.


And that “one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”

(Hat tip to Iris Murdoch.)




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